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One of the greatest predictors of the future is the past. In regards to Robison, Belaustegui, Sharp and Low, we build our reputation one case at a time, with care and precision. With more than $600 million in verdicts won for our clients, our record stands alone in Nevada.

We've been involved in some of the most complex and groundbreaking cases in recent Nevada legal history and we feel there is no project too large or too difficult for us to take on.

We welcome you to learn more about some of the specific cases we've been involved with over the past three decades. With each, you'll see a consistent level of quality and commitment in seeking to provide our clients with the very best results.

State of Nevada vs. Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki - Criminal matter

The firm was engaged by Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki during and throughout a politically motivated investigation concerning the College Savings Program for which Lt. Governor Krolicki was responsible forming and administering. The investigation led to politically motivated filing of criminal charges. As a result of the firm's participation in association with a Las Vegas firm, the charges filed against the Lt. Governor were appropriately dismissed.

City of Sparks v. Santa Fe Pipeline Co., et al.

The firm represented the City of Sparks in one of the largest environmental cases in Northern Nevada. Through our firm's representation of the City of Sparks, the City of Sparks ultimately settled with the Oil Company Defendants, Railroad Companies and the Santa Fe Pipeline Company in a structured settlement valued at over $18,000,000.00. In addition, the Defendants were required to remediate the contaminated site, which is now the Sparks Marina, a recreation lake and park facility.

Fondi v. Mack

The firm represented the survivors of Charla Mack, who was brutally murdered by her husband, Darren Mack. The wrongful death case was tried to a Washoe County Jury, who returned one of the nation's largest wrongful death verdicts. The jury's verdict was in excess of $590,000,000.00, over $300,000,000.00 of which represented punitive damages. The Nevada Supreme court upheld $560,000,000.00 of the verdict and it stands as one of the nation's largest wrongful death verdicts.

Shipman v. Allstate Insurance Co.

Representing the victims of Allstate Insurance Company's bad faith, the firm was instrumental in obtaining a verdict for the Shipmans against Allstate Insurance Company for bad faith, a verdict that included punitive damages.

Williams v. Sierra Foods / State Farm

The Williams' son was killed in an intersection by a Sierra Foods' vehicle. The verdict exceeded policy limits and State Farm was thereafter named in a bad faith claim. This case represents and is an example of the firm's litigation acumen in catastrophic personal injury cases, wrongful death cases and insurance bad faith cases.

Oak Grove v. Bell & Gossett

The firm was involved in one of the State's first substantial defective construction cases. Oak Grove Investors sued various defendants for the negligent design and installation of a defective hot water and heating system in a 411 unit apartment complex in Southwest Reno. The jury returned a verdict in the amount of $2.3 million in favor of the firm's client, Oak Grove Investors.

Hazelwood v. Harrah's

Mr. Hazelwood located a winning keno ticket ($20,000.00) in a garbage can at Harrah's Hotel and Casino. When Hazelwood presented the ticket for payment, Harrah's refused to pay the keno ticket and, instead, had Mr. Hazelwood prosecuted. Mr. Hazelwood was acquitted and in the wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution jury trial, the jury awarded Mr. Hazelwood over $500,000.00 for having been detained by the Nevada State Gaming Control Agents for approximately one hour.

L & L Roofing v. Amoroso

In this case the general contractor refused to pay L & L Roofing and instead coerced L & L Roofing into executing a release. The matter was tried to the jury on the contention that the release was executed under economic duress and coercion. The jury found in favor of L & L Roofing and assessed punitive damages against the general contractor.

Hussein v. Dugan

A disgruntled professor at the University of Nevada filed approximately 20 lawsuits against UNR faculty, administrators, and attorneys. The firm represented UNR's General Counsel, who was named as a Defendant. The firm successfully obtained an Order dismissing all charges against UNR's General Counsel by and through a Motion for Summary Judgment. The case represents the firm's involvement in highly charged and high profile employment cases. As a result of the bad faith filings by the disgruntled professor, he has been ordered to pay attorney's fees as sanctions to UNR in excess of $1,000,000.00.

Patraw v. NSHE

The University of Nevada - Reno (UNR) was confronted with misconduct by the Women's Soccer Team head coach. The soccer coach was discharged. She brought a civil rights action against the Nevada System of Higher Education, the President of UNR and the Athletic Director of UNR. The firm represented the Defendants and had the Plaintiff's cases dismissed through summary judgment. In addition, the Plaintiff was ordered to pay attorney's fees in excess of $115,000.00.

Sierra Gateway v. Landmark

The firm represented the Plaintiff in a substantial real estate matter concerning property that was once valued at over $70 million. Landmark was charged with having breached a Joint Venture Agreement. The jury returned its verdict in favor of Sierra Gateway on an advisory verdict for specific performance that the district court honored and used as a basis for a Judgment in favor of Sierra Gateway.

Reno Diagnostic Center v. Renown Medical Center

This case is representative of the firm's involvement in substantial anti-trust cases. Reno Diagnostic sued Renown Medical for violating Nevada's anti-trust legislation. The case was resolved by and through a confidential settlement after substantial discovery was completed. As a result of the firm's involvement in this matter, an awareness of Nevada anti-trust legislation as it pertains to the medical industry is of heightened concern for the firm's clients.

Zaragoza v. Washoe Medical Center

The firm was involved in this substantial medical malpractice case against Washoe Medical. The Zaragoza child was born after hours of sustained fetal distress. The injuries were catastrophic and the case was settled (confidential) for an amount that will provide for the child's welfare for the rest of his life and for an amount with which the clients were exceedingly pleased. The firm's involvement in this substantial medical malpractice case is representative of the type of professional negligence cases regularly handled by the firm.

American AG Credit v. Stewart

The firm represented a Defendant in lender's lawsuit against an individual for $20,000,000.00. The Plaintiff's claims were based upon allegations of fraud. After a one-week jury trial, the jury found in favor of Stewart and the fraud claims were dismissed as a result of the judgment on jury verdict.

Parker v. St. Mary's

This case further represents the firm's involvement in substantial complicated medical cases. In this case Dr. Parker was subjected to allegedly politically motivated disciplinary actions by St. Mary's Hospital's subsidiary, the Center for Outpatient Surgery. The jury found in favor of Dr. Parker and assessed damages against St. Mary's for abusing the peer review process.

Haden v. Circus Circus

This case is representative of this firm's involvement in premises liability cases. The firm has represented the Circus Circus Casinos, which later became part of the Mandalay Resort conglomerate of hotels and casinos. In this case, the Plaintiff claimed that she was accosted in her room as a result of negligent and inadequate security. The jury heard two weeks of evidence and substantial testimony from security experts and returned its verdict in favor of the firm's client, Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

Cox v. Luxor

This case is one of the most substantial negligent premises liability cases ever filed in the State of Nevada. The firm represented the Luxor Hotel and Casino. The Plaintiff was an employee. The Plaintiff was sexually assaulted in the employee parking lot. The Plaintiff's husband arrived on the scene. The assailant killed the husband and continued his sexual assault on the Plaintiff. The case was successfully resolved as a result of the firm's utilization of nationally recognized security experts.

Manazanares v. LDS Church

The firm represented the Church of Latter Day Saints in a case in which the Plaintiff alleged that a Stake President sexually abused the minor Plaintiff. The case was resolved after extensive discovery and the complete settlement resulted in the Plaintiff receiving an $8,000.00 new car and no other remuneration.

McGuinness v. Pegasus Gold Corp.

This firm represented the guardians ad litem of a minor child who was severely burned as a result of igniting a gas can on the Defendant's property. The case was filed on the contention that the Defendant's storage of a gas container constituted an attractive nuisance. After years of discovery the case the settled for over $1,000,000.00. This case is also representative of the firm's involvement in catastrophic injury cases and premises liability litigation.

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